Kovan is a small start-up studio with big ambitions. We dream up cool ideas, develop them, then turn them into successful businesses.


We are working on different areas of expertise

Buena Media

Buena Media is a global publisher that specializes in viral content in USA, Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

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Hassle-free changelog service with fancy in-product widgets you can use on your website.

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Highly acclaimed SaaS project for various APIs that make developers life easier.

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A note taking application with powerful calculation features built in. Available for iOS and macOS.

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We have built a company we love working in and if you were to join us, we think you'd love it too. We are a friendly and open minded bunch of people, join us to make Kovan better!

We are looking for

Senior Analyst

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User Acquisition Manager

Restpack, Ankara/Antalya View

Spanish Content Editor

BuenaMente, Antalya View
Konutkent mah. Eskisehir Yolu No:391
Westgate Residence C/27 Cankaya, Ankara

Caglayan mah. 2032 sok. Ulutas Is Merkezi No:5 Muratpasa, Antalya