Kovan is a small start-up studio with big ambitions. We dream up cool ideas, develop them, then turn them into successful businesses.


We are working on different areas of expertise

Buena Media

Buena Media is a global publisher that specializes in viral content in USA, Spain, Portugal and Latin America.

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Highly acclaimed SaaS project for various APIs that make developers life easier.

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A note taking application with powerful calculation features built in. Available for iOS and macOS.

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We have built a company we love working in and if you were to join us, we think you'd love it too. We are a friendly and open minded bunch of people, join us to make Kovan better!

We are looking for

Senior Analyst

BuenaMente, Ankara View

Facebook Ad Moderator

BuenaMente, Antalya View

User Acquisition Manager

Restpack, Ankara/Antalya View

Spanish Content Editor

BuenaMente, Ankara/Antalya View
Konutkent mah. Eskisehir Yolu No:391
Westgate Residence C/27 Cankaya, Ankara

Caglayan mah. 2032 sok. Ulutas Is Merkezi No:5 Muratpasa, Antalya