who we are.

We are a small team on a mission to create a repeatable and sustainable way of building world-class SaaS products. Our journey started back in 2015 with a small side project. Today we run profitable micro-SaaS projects with 1100 customers in 51 countries.

We are always looking for nice people to meet, work or just chat. Say hi 👉 [email protected]

💎 Our core values

These values are the foundation of our company, team and mission.

We keep it simple — Having fancy titles and corporate hierarchies is not our thing. We love simple processes, fewer apps and boards. We spend our energy to solve the problems, not to create them.

We get sh*t done — Obstacles are not excuses for us. Each team member is accountable for the final result even if he/she works in a team. Set your own quality bar and take pride in your workmanship. We trust you to do great work in the way that you think is the best.

We are a team — We won’t lie you that we are “a family”, like most companies do. We see ourselves as a sports team. We play together to win, so we can spend more quality time with our real family.

We care about our customers — Each of us is responsible for creating a customer experience we’re proud of. Getting great testimonials and turning users to advocates is the biggest outcome we achieve. Deliver as much value as possible, help customers grow.

We don’t afraid of failure — Actually, we learn from it. We enjoy the continuous process of learning and iteration. Trying new tech and do experiments is the heart of our work. Success doesn’t happen overnight.

📍 Where we work  — We’re are fully from day 1. Mostly (and accidentally) we settled in mediterranean coast of Turkey enjoying sunny weather and delicious Turkish cuisine.
👨‍💻 How we work — We believe in autonomy and asynchronous communication. We use Notion for collaboration and Discord if we need a quick chat or call.